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Version Changes
27 Nov 2020
  • Neonatal calculator: Curosurf® added to bolus drugs
  • Neonatal calculator: Prostin® vial contents now listed
  • Paediatric calculator: naloxone added to bolus drugs
  • Paediatric calculator: Anticonvulsants section moved to first page on printed copy to be consistent with Neonatal Calculator and to allow for future expansion of bolus table
  • Disclaimer & Further Information text updated
  • Minor formating updates
20 Nov 2020
  • All calculators, song sheets & tools in the NETS Clinical Calculator now come under a common version number and a release date for the version is also now supplied
  • The text on the button to use an estimated weight has been updated on the main menu page
  • File naming/format updates
  • Neonatal Cooling Criteria calculator: Added ability for Encephalopathy criterion to be determined by selecting examination features
  • Made styling more uniform between tools
  • Neonatal & Paediatric calculators: LMAs added and drug names now conform to TGA naming and 'Tall man lettering' conventions
  • Paediatric calculator: Levetiracetam initial dose changed to 40mg/kg, tranexamic acid loading dose & maintenance infusion added
  • Neonatal Cooling Criteria calculator: Encepalopathy severity stages table added
  • Song sheets (Asthma, DKA & Seizures) and tools (Neonatal Jaundice Therapy, Neonatal Cooling Criteria & Adhoc Fluid Concentrations) added to calculator
  • Some styling changes
  • Neonatal calculator: Standard fluid choices by age added to calculator
  • Neonatal & Paediatric calculators: Added the text 'vial contents' to Drug columns to clarify that the text under each drug name is not the dose
  • Neonatal & Paediatric calculators: Note added to the key to the effect that all drug doses are calculated for the IV route except where otherwise specified
  • Resuscitation at Birth calculator: Set ETT insertion lengths to unknown when no weight is given
  • Minor text & formatting changes to improve pagination on some devices
  • Paediatric calculator: Infusion units made considtent for clonidine, dexmedetomidine, glyceryl trinitrate & salbutamol
  • Paediatric & Burns calculators: Reverted to original maintenance fluid calculation (Holliday & Segar)
  • Paediatric calculator: Set maximum dose suxamethonium to 100mg
  • Paediatric calculator: Included salbutamol maximum infusion rate and allowed 1 mcg/kg/min for all weights
  • Version history available via link on menu page
  • Neonatal calculator: Corrected dilution text for anticonvulsant midazolam
  • Neonatal calculator: Supplied missing fentanyl units for bolus dose
  • Browser compatibility tweaks
  • Added instruction to clarify menu use
  • Weight entry fields hidden until a calculator tool is selected from the menu
  • Technical Support email link updated (
  • First version of web-based calculator
  • Neonatal calculator: Heparin infusion added, pancuronium removed, glucagon doses updated, general alignment with the Australasian Neonatal Medicines Formulary
  • Paediatric calculator: Clonidine & heparin infusions added, some Antimicrobials and Defibrillation/Cardioversion doses
  • Paediatric Burns Fluid calculator: updated
  • References for all calculated values included
  • Text & formatting changes
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